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Featured Patterns
Highlighting a Spring and Summer collection. Delicate Touches - available in short or long sleeve. Afternoon Sunshine, Fields of Flowers, Garden Party, Floral Border, Country Quilt Cardigan, Easy Hoodie, Summer Stripes and Male Relief.

  1. Delicate Touches SS
  2. Delicate Touches LS
  3. Afternoon Sunshine
  1. Fields of Flowers
  2. Garden Party
  3. Floral Border

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Wool Accessaries.


Children’s theme
sweaters available
in solids and patterns
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Hand Made
Aran Sweaters, Hand Crafts,Thrum Mitts

wool Accessaries
Acrylic Accessaries

Baby sets, hats, mittens and booties. Sizing from New Born up to 24 months.

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E. D. C r e a t i o n s - Halifax N S

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