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 Candy Dish Pattern
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Material : Choose red, green, or varigated wosted weight yarn.  4 1/2mm needles.
small amount white for hat

3 pom poms, rose bowl, 3” styrofoam ball, sequins and colored straight pins for eyes and nose


using color of choice cast on 42 sts k2 p2 x 4 rows

Stripe pattern
2 rows W, 2 rows MC, 2 rows W  in stockinette stitch,( knit one row,purl 1 row)

continue in stocking stitch and MC x 4rows

k4 k2tog. across row, purl 1 row,
k3 k2 tog across row. purl 1 row .
continue to dec until k2 tog is completed
finish off,
sew back seam ,sew on pom pom

cast on 64 sts, knit 2 rows, cast off,
sew pom poms to each end

Decorate styrofoam ball as shown


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