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Stop And Go Mittens
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Childrens Stop and Go Mittens

worsted weight yarn
color A=yellow
Color B =white
color C =green
colorD= Red
Guage: 20 sts and 28 rows = 4ins over stocking st.
*width around hand7”/18cm
*lengh : 8ins/20.5 cm


using size 6 (4mm) dpn and A cast on 34 sts, 12 sts on 1st  and 2nd needles, 10 sts on 3rd, join,place marker for beg. of rnd work k1, p1, rib for 2 1/2 ins/6.5cm.
Break A Attach B, k1 rnd
Rnds 1-3 :k1, p1, k3, p1, k to end of rnd.
Rnd 4 :k1, p1, inc.1st in next 2 sts, p1, knit to end of rnd.
*Rnds 5&6,k the knit stsand p the p sts of previous rnd. BreakB,attach C.
Rnd 7 k1,p1, inc. 1st in next st, k to last 2 sts before purl st, inc.in next st. k1,p1, k to end of rnd.*repeat from * to * until there are 11 sts between the 2 p sts, AT THE SAME TIME after 5 rnds of C, break C and attach B.
Next rnd: k2, sl next 11 sts to holder for thumb, cast on 3 sts, k to end of rnd(34sts) .
work even until 5 rnds of B are worked break B, attach D and work in rnds for 10 rnds. piece measures approx. 6 1/4 ins
Rnd 1 ( K2tog tbl,k13k2tog) twice
Rnd 2 and all even numbered rnds k
Rnd 3(k2 tog tbl, k11,k2 tog) twice
continue dec. in this mannor until 10 sts remain, AT THE SAME TIME, when 16 rnds of D are workrd  break D,attach B.
Divide 10 sts evenly on 2 needles and graft top.
with A k 11 sts from holder, pick up and k 3 sts at base of thumb (14sts).divide evenly on 3 dpn, knit 14 rows or desired length, knit 2 tog around, break yarn leave a tail. thread through remaining sts, draw up and fasten off.

work as for right mitten, substituting stripe C for D and at top of mitten, D for C
arrange sts as follows to position thumb on LH side: k7sts after marker.
place marker for beg of rnd. rearrange sts as before(12,12,10,)
You now have a new beg of rnd andthumb opening is on the LHside of palm.
duplicate STOP and GO on mittens

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