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Entrelac Knitting
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Entrelac knitting

Entrelac knitting is created by knitting a row of triangles with stitches veering to the right, then knitting a row of rectangles with stitches going to the left.  The first row of triangles is created by increasing and then decreasing stitches. ON the second row,the starting triangle is formed like those on the first row, but the rectangles and the final triangle are each begun by picking up and knitting stitches from a triangle on the previous row.

General Entrelac instructions

triangle-base pattern
rs-rectangle-row pattern
w-s-rectangle row pattern
final-triangle-row pattern

Abreviation SSK=slip next 2 sts as if to knit onto right hand needle, insert left hand needle into fronts of sl sts and k 2 tog.

Triangle base: With wrong side facing p 2,((turn,k2,turn, p 3, turn, k 3, turn, p 4, turn, k4,turn,cont inc until k9 is complete,turn p 11 ) repeat to end of row. 5 triangles made

R S RECTANGLE ROW: starting triangle: k 2, turn, p 2, turn, inc. in 1st stitch,  ssk,  turn p3, turn, inc 1 st in 1st stitch, k 1, ssk, turn, purl 4, turn, inc in 1st st, k2, ssk, turn, p 5, contin as above until( inc 1st st , k7,ssk has been worked) RECTANGLES:(pick up and k 9sts evenly along edge of next triangle, turn p9, turn, k8 ssk, repeat to end of first rectangle) repeat( ) for remaining rectangles to end. ENDING TRIANGLE: pick up and k 9 sts along edge of last triangle of previous row, turn, p 2 tog, p 7 turn, k 8, turn ,p 2 tog, p 6 ,turn, k7, turn,cont until 1 st remains

W S RECTANGLE ROW: starting with 1 st on needle pick up and purl 8sts along edge of triangle just worked, turn, k 9, turn, p 8, p 2 tog,repeat until all sts of left rectangle are worked pick up and( p9 along edge of next rectangle, k 9, turn, p 8 p2 tog) repeat until all sts are used of previous rectangle  continue to end of row.

FINAL TRIANGLE ROW: with wrong side facing pick and p 9 stitches along edge of last triangle,turn,p 2 tog, p 7, p2 tog, turn, k 9 turn, p 2 tog, p 6 p2 tog, turn, work 1 less st. each purl row until “turn, k 3” is worked, turn, p 2 tog, p 1 p2 tog, turn k 3, turn, p 3 tog.  continue picking up sts from rectangles on preceding row until all sts have been used and one st remains fasten off.

above diagrams were done by casting on 45 stitches, using worsted weight yarn and 4 1/2 mm needles. these also  can be done using 6 st,  sports weight yarn,  4 mm needles and a multiple of 6 sts. It is also a good pattern to use with chunky yarn. With some planning you could make a scarf, hat, sweaters, afghan, the ideas are endless--have fun 

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