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what is intarsia knitting : It is using separate balls of yarn for each color in the pattern you are using, this method is also called picture knitting, or color block knitting.

study the pattern you are about to knit and wind small balls of color for each area, if the area is small you can leave a long tail, you can also purchase bobbins, I prefer bobbins but every one has their preference.

Rt Side

dog-knit-right side

Wrong Side

dog-purl-wrong side

Instructions for duplicate stitch at bottom of pagee

To follow each row I use a piece of cardboard(from panty hose is good) and two large bobby pins,  move it up as each row is complete.

knit right side rows from RT-LT purl rows from LT to RT

this pattern requires 2 balls of back ground(red) 1 ball of color ( white) small amt. of black for the ear and eye, nose, green for collar.
(eye , nose , and collar could be done in duplicate stitch when project is finished.)
This pattern could be used on a childs sweater, or hat,  pet stocking, or squares for childs afghan.
Each square of graft represents one knit stitch. This graft pattern is 15 sts wide and 25 stitches or rows long.

colored-pattern-knit-wrong side

This method is used for large areas of color. work required number of stitches, drop color, bring new color under and over last color,this prevents a hole in your knitting, see above

Finish by darning in ends see below


 Have fun using this pattern on mitts, hats, or afghan squares.

Small areas of color can be done in duplicate stitch


 picture (c)

Duplicate stitch: insert darning needle from wrong side of work,bring yarn up in center of stitch to be duplicated, place needle from rt to lt behind both sides  of the stitch above the one being duplicated, and pull yarn through(a) complete by returning the needle to where you began (b) work from rt. to lt. as in picture (c)

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